Article updated March 2022 to reflect new capabilities for Victron Connect.  Victron Connect improvements are constant and are detailed in the Victron Connect Changelog

Victron Connect can now be used to program MultiPlus and Quattros to do the following:

  • Configure basic systems: consisting of a single inverter or inverter/charger not needing any Assistants, such as the ESS Assistant.
  • Configure parallel, split phase and three phase systems as detailed in this Victron Blog Post
  • Update firmware of  inverters and inverter/chargers that have a VE.Bus communication port, such as Multis and Quattros.
  • All these features require the use of a MK3-USB Interface
The big deal in all of this is the Victron Connect is a program that works on multiple platforms and so this means you can do all of the above on a Mac.  You still need a Mk3-USB interface which requires a USB port so at least for now you cannot use a phone or tablet.  There are certain things you can't do yet, like use any of the special programs (called Assistants) that are used when setting up Lithium Battery systems.  So this is a part way step to accommodate many Mac users who have been shut out of the Victron software until now.  Below the video are some more detailed screenshots from the app in demo mode. 

Victron Connect showing MultiPlus

This is one of two programs that can be used to program the MultiPlus and Quattro.  The other is VE Config.  Victron Connect is more user friendly but VE Config has more features and you will need to use it for a Lithium System with BMS.  Since most of the settings used for programming are the same in both programs I am not going to repeat them here, I already discussed them in considerable detail in my VE Config article Programming your Victron MultiPlus inverter charger with the VE Configure program - Part 2 - The Settings

Victron Connect software can be used to connect to a whole range of Victron products, often via Bluetooth.  Here is a screenshot compilation of what is possible:


Leigh Armistead

Date 7/25/2019

Yes, this is good news. Finally! But...the software is locked with a password for the settings section. The app warns that one can only use it after getting Victron training. [email protected]#$%^&** I've been waiting months for the ability to use iOS and the Bluetooth adapter that I bought with my 12/3000 inverter/charger but it has not materialized. So I gave up and bought the Mk3 to USB adapter to use this new Mac OS version. But I still can't program my charger. Can you provide the password, Peter. I certify I don 't need any more training to use this software :-)

Peter Kennedy

Date 7/26/2019

In this initial stage of testing the program the password is given out on request only and is not being made public. You can contact me in a private message and I will give it to you.

J Schroeder

Date 7/29/2019

Thanks for the information Peter. This is good news, but I think I may have missed one important detail. I purchased the bluetooth dongle in the hopes that this would connect my multiplus to the victron connect software. I'm now seeing that you must use the MK3 to USB adaptor in order to connect. Do I have that right?

Peter Kennedy

Date 7/29/2019

At least for now you have to use the Mk3-USB for programming.


Date 9/4/2019

Is it possibly to change ac input current and state of multiplus(on/off/charge only) with ve.bus bms in the future? I unplugged the RJ45 from BMS to multiplus for easy to do that. I have not enough space for multi control panel. Thanks

Peter Kennedy

Date 9/4/2019

When you have a VE Bus BMS you can only adjust the charge current with the remote panel. I think the reason is that the BMS is controlling the MultiPlus on the VE Bus and they don't want two conflicting commands at the same time. The remote panel plugs into the BMS and they work out their differences before the command is sent to the Multi. So its safe to say that this will never change.

There is still a way you can turn the Multi from charge to invert to off with just a remote switch. There is a connection inside the Multi for a remote switch and my Blog post "Installing your Victron MultiPlus Inverter Charger" identifies the terminal as "H" in the photo of the insides, it is also labelled "H" in the instruction manual. I think you will see that it is fairly obvious how it works, the terminal is jumpered by default and when you remove the jumper you get to replace it with a switch, It still wont let you adjust the charge current but it will let you turn it on and off. Any small on/off/on switch will do the job, for example the Blue Sea Systems 4152

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