The latest upgrade the Victron Connect, version 5.8 was in late July 2019 and is described in this Victron Blog Post.  In summary Victron Connect can now be used to do the following:

  • Configure basic systems: consisting of a single inverter or inverter/charger not needing any Assistants, such as the ESS Assistant.
  • Update firmware of  inverters and inverter/chargers that have a VE.Bus communication port, such as Multis and Quattros.
  • Both features require the use of a MK3-USB. For the full list of requirements, such as minimal firmware versions, see the documentation here.
The big deal in all of this is the Victron Connect is a program that works on multiple platforms and so this means you can do all of the above on a Mac.  You still need a Mk3-USB interface which requires a USB port so at least for now you cannot use a phone or tablet.  There are certain things you can't do yet, like setup complicated multi unit systems or use any of the special programs (called Assistants) that are used when setting up Lithium Battery systems.  So this is a part way step to accommodate many Mac users who have been shut out of the Victron software until now.  Below are some screenshots from the app in demo mode.  We haven't tried this out yet but when we do we will add to this post.

Victron Connect showing MultiPlus

The same software can be used to connect to a whole range of Victron products, often via Bluetooth.  Here is a screenshot compilation of what is possible: