The photo below shows the pulley on a Mitsubishi alternator found on certain Volvo Penta engines.  As you can see the pulley has a built-in spacer at the back that pushes the grooved part forward.  In order to replace this alternator with a Balmar you need to re-use this pulley to get the correct belt alignment.  It shares the same 17 mm shaft diameter as the Balmar XT alternators. You can see our Blog Post on how to change the pulley  These are normally dual foot alternators where the feet are 4" apart so the 12 volt 170 amp version would be the Balmar XT-DF4-170-K6 , the 12 volt 250 amp version is the XT-DF4-250-K6 and the 24 volt 90 amp version is XT-DF4-24-90-K6.    Scroll down for a detailed drawing with dimensions.

Mitsubishi dual foot alternator

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