Warranty claims are handled differently depending on the manufacturer of the item. In each case the warranty is with the manufacturer of the item and is subject to the terms and conditions of the particular manufacturer.  PKYS does not offer an independent warranty for any items we sell.

Blue Sea Systems

Blue Sea Systems offers a lifetime warranty for most of the items they sell.  There are some exceptions; the warranty for battery chargers and their remote displays is five years and for digital meters it is three years.  This is the most generous warranty of any of the manufacturers whose products we sell.  Here it is on the manufacturer website.  Blue Sea have asked us at PKYS to stay out of the warranty process and have the customers contact them directly.  You can email them at [email protected] or call them at (360) 738-8230

Victron Energy

Victron Energy offers a five year warranty for most items that they sell, the only exception is batteries where the warranty is two years.  Here is their warranty policy posted on the Victron Website. Victron requires PKYS to be responsible for administration of the warranty so we will be your first contact in the event of a warranty issue.  Note that we do not determine the outcome of the warranty proceedure but merely act as administrators.  Victron are quite precise about what is required to do a warranty claim:

1 They need the product number and serial number of the item in question.  
2 They need a written description of the problem, how you determined the fault and what you did to troubleshoot it.  

You can include photos to illustrate the issue if necessary, including photos of the installation.  We only want photos if they are relevant to the issue.  If you have a Bluetooth enabled device screenshots from the App are a great way to explain what is going on.  Please include any other relevant facts, we dont need a whole book, a concise well written paragraph is all that is required.  Just saying it doesnt work will not be sufficient,  Victron warrany issues are handled by the head office in the Netherlands and due to the time difference it takes a day to get a reply so to avoid unnecessary delays we try to make the claims as complete as possible before submitting them. Send that to us at PKYS using our Contact Us or Support page and we will take it from there. We will need to be able to lookup the original order so if you have the order number please include it or if not make sure the email you are using matches the email on the order.  Finally we need you to confirm your current address so if we need to send you something we know where to send it.


Balmar offer a one year warranty.  We encourage you to contact Balmar direct to resolve any warranty issues with them.  Their number is (360) 435-6100  Here is the warranty policy posted on their website.  In the event you need us to help you present your claim feel free to get us involved but we will ultimately be asking Balmar to complete the warranty process.

Other Brands

Feel free to call us at PKYS about warranty issue with any of the other brands we sell

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