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Balmar XT-DF-170-K6 dual foot alternator with K6 pulley
Balmar XT-DF-170-J10 alternator

Balmar XT-DF-170-K6 dual foot alternator with K6 pulley

On sale $1,100.00 $984.00
Balmar XT Alternator with170 Amp output. Dual foot mount fitted with a K6 serpentine style pulley for a 6 groove belt
p/n: XT-DF-170-K6
Availability: Can ship direct from Balmar if you select a paid shipping method.
This NEW 170 Amp dual foot mount XT Alternator  is fitted with a K6 pulley for a 6 groove serpentine belt. This is a much higher output alternator than can normally be accommodated in a small case size. The innovation that made this possible is the new braided stator design which greatly improves efficiency. The new XT series alternators also include a backup internal regulator for emergency use. See dimensioned drawings for mounting details, the alternator is slightly more chunky than the standard small case alternator but is designed to fit in the same spot.  These alternators all require a serpentine belt or dual V-belts and for full output require the MC618-H regulator (not included) because it can deliver the higher field current necessary to drive these them to full power.   

  • Externally regulated high output small case alternator 
  • 12 volt output at 170 Amps, 
  • Dual foot 3.15" ID Yanmar style mount. 
  • This is not an isolated ground alternator
  • K6 pulley for a 6 groove serpentine belt
  • Built-in backup regulator
The Max Charge regulator is required but not included.  The alternator is also available in a kit complete with the regulator and temperature sensors and it is more economical to purchase it that way.

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