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Circuit Breaker Panels

Circuit breaker panel
Here we have a wide range of circuit breaker panels and switch panels designed originally for boats but suitable for cars, trucks, RV's, emergency service vehicles, military applications and even on occasion aircraft too. These panels provide switching and circuit protection and many have metering equipment. Most come with backlit labels, indicator lights and all are made of corrosion resistant marine grade materials.

Some panels are waterproof and designed for outdoor use. Indoor panels include traditional flat metal panels as well as the more contoured and modular 360-Series panels
  • Waterproof Panels Waterproof Panels
    Waterproof switch panels are suitable for use in an open cockpit
  • DC Main Panels DC Main Panels
    These battery management panels combine switching with circuit protection for main and 24 hour circuits
  • ELCI Panels ELCI Panels
    ELCI provides overcurrent and leakage protection per ABYC E-11 for whole boat shore power protection
  • Surface Mount Panels Surface Mount Panels
    Main and ELCI AC panels that can be mounted in a wet area such as a lazarette or cockpit locker
  • Panel Labels Panel Labels
    We sell sets of labels, individual labels need to be ordered directly from Blue Sea Systems
  • Panel Accessories Panel Accessories
    Lockout slides, backlighting modules, LED's, switch boots, blanks and panel backs