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Blue Sea 7218 Single Pole Circuit Breaker 25A White
A Frame white toggle circuit breaker 25 Amps

Blue Sea 7218 Single Pole Circuit Breaker 25A White

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25 amp Circuit Breaker #7218
p/n: BSS-0007218
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This is a standard A Frame Circuit Breaker, characterized by the circular raised part at the base of the toggle.  The dimensions of these breakers are an industry standard so they are interchangeable with other similar breakers by other manufacturers. The Blue Sea Systems ones are actually made by Carling and have as a distinguishing feature the amperage printed at the base of the toggle where it is visible from the front.  They can be used in AC or DC circuits and come in a range of sizes from 5 to 50 Amps, single or double pole with toggles in white, black or red.  

These circuit breakers are used widely throughout the Blue Sea Systems range of panels and are found on both the traditional flat metal panels as well as on some of the 360 Series panels.  Basically these breakers will fit anywhere you see a round cutout at the base of the toggle.

  • Meets American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards
  • UL 1077 recognized, TUV certified, CE Marked for Europe, and CSA certified for Canada
  • The industry standard circuit breaker for Blue Sea Systems' electrical panels
  • Combines swtiching and circuit protection into a single device
  • "Trip Free" design cannot be held "ON" during fault current condition
    Detailed specification, drawings, and description.

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