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Balmar 60-100-SV Alternator -12 Volt 100 Amp Single Pulley
Balmar 60-100-SV Alternator -12 Volt 100 Amp Single Pulley

Balmar 60-100-SV Alternator -12 Volt 100 Amp Single Pulley

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Dual foot 100 amp alternator
p/n: 60-100-SV
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This 12 volt alternator has dual mounting feet and a 100 Amp output and is fitted with a pulley for a single V-Belt.

  • High output 12 volt 100 amp alternator fitted with a single V pulley.
  • Small case, isolated ground.
  • Yanmar style dual foot mount
  • Externally regulated single output.
  • Patented SmartReady backup internal regulator.
  • Certified ignition protected for gasoline or diesel motors.
  • High volume cooler running dual internal fans
  • This alternator comes with a pulley for a single V-Belt that can be 3/8" or 1/2" wide
  • Datasheet, dimensions, output curves

Tech Tip

When you mount the alternator to the engine the mounting bolt must be the same diameter as all the holes it passes through. If it isn't bushings are available to modify the mounting tabs of the alternator.  When you tighten up the mounting bolt the bushing at the back foot of the alternator slides forward to tighten up the gap.  At this stage the alternator should be firmly fixed with no wobble.   You must get this right or the alternator will become cocked as you tighten up the belt and the resulting misalignment will cause excessive belt wear.


  • What is the output of this alternator?

    The rated output is 100 Amps at 12 Volts

  • What pulley does this alternator come with?

    This alternator comes with a single V pulley intended for use with a 1/2" V belt.  Other models are available with different pulleys.

  • Does alternator include a regulator?

    This alternator is intended for use with an external regulator.  There is an internal regulator included but it is only intended for emergencies.

  • Will this work with lithium batteries?

    Yes it will.  You will need to make sure that the battery doesn't turn itself off when it is full because if that happens it will fry the alternator

  • What engines is this for?

    This alternator is most often used on Yanmar Marine Diesels but is for any engine with a 3.15" dual foot alternator mount

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