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Balmar 15-TSS Tach Signal Stabilizer
Balmar Tach Signal Stabilizer

Balmar 15-TSS Tach Signal Stabilizer

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Allows you to adjust your tachometer if it is not adjustable internally.
p/n: 15-TSS
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Balmar Alternators have a larger number of poles than standard alternators and so the tachometer output is at a higher frequency for any given RPM. If you have a tachometer that is not adjustable then the RPM shown will be incorrect. To solve this problem Balmar have made this "Tachometer Signal Stabilizer" which converts the alternator signal into one that can be read by a standard tachometer. Most Yanmar tachometers cannot be adjusted so if you have a Yanmar with a tachometer signal fed from the alternator then you need one of these when you install a new high power alternator 

The Signal Stabilizer provides the ability to adjust the Alternator’s AC/Signal Output Signal to a pulse that is compatible to most electric tachometers. Once installed, the Signal Stabilizer allows you to adjust the tachometer signal until the tachometer reading matches the actual engine RPM.

  • For 12 volt alternators only,

Tech Tip

The 15 TSS was designed for the AT alternator (which is no longer in production). It will not be a solution for all tachometer issues.It may require a specific type of tachometer that can read lower voltage. If you can't get it working you may need to replace the tachometer or you may have to pull the tach signal off the flywheel.

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