We love going to see some of our customers.  It gives us an opportunity to see what they are doing and also to talk to them about some of the electrical systems they are working on.

TechOps Specialty Vehicles is one of our long time customers and they are starting to get into Mobile Power systems.  Trends we are seeing is the move away from generators and towards battery power for quiet smog free energy.

The Specialty Vehicles market is booming these days and more and more examples of mobile businesses are cropping up everywhere.

In the above video, you'll tour TechOps latest mobile book shop or Bookmobile, which is a Freightliner M2 and will  soon head to its new home in Spokane, Washington.

This vehicle is designed with an Odyne hybrid battery pack versus a traditional generator, and it has 12,000 watts of exportable power.

TechOps has a diverse range of vehicles in its shop that includes;

Book mobiles, Mobile Medical transports, Search, Rescue and Recovery vehicles, Vehicle based surveillance, law enforcement, Mobile command Centers, Sprinter Vans and  SUV’s

The TechOps facility is large and at the time of our visit there must have been 10 or more custom builds in process. 

They also have ample space outside with 20 or more vehicles ready for their turn in the production schedule.

A specialty vehicle is any vehicle that is designed to serve a professional purpose. They can be custom-built from the ground up or modified from an existing vehicle.

TechOps has a wide range of skill sets that it employs from cabinetry to very intricate electrical and electronic installations.

Each of these builds has a specific purpose and TechOps has engineers whose job it is to design the best system to suit the end user.

PKYS Inc are working with them to further their Mobile Power systems offerings.

At TechOps Specialty Vehicles we commit to meeting your custom needs no matter size or scope of the project.  We start with design and engineering, then combine high-quality communications technology, with industry-leading products, to deliver both specialty vehicle and mobile technology integration solutions.  We have established ourselves as a market leader in the design and fabrication of mobile communications platforms with the capability to design and deliver custom solutions focused on full life cycle mission support of emergency communication and situational awareness platforms.  Our customer base spans all sectors including local, county, state and federal agencies as well as military. 

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