This article compares the size of the most popular sizes of our Victron Smart Lithium Batteries with typical sizes of batteries commonly found in the US

     Victron Energy BAT512120610 Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12.8V 200 Ahr

Height  237 mm (approx 9.3")
Length  321 mm (approx 12.6")
Width  152 mm (appros 6")
Weight 22 kg (approx 48.5 Lbs)
Victron Energy BAT512132410 Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12,8V 330Ah

Height  265 mm  (approx 10.4")
Length  359 mm  (approx 14.1")
Width  206 mm  (approx 8.1")
Weight 30 kg  (approx 66 Lbs)
     Lifeline GPL-31T AGM Battery

Height  9.27" (235 mm)
Length  12.9"  (328 mm)
Width  6.75" (171 mm)
Weight 64 Lbs (29 kg)
  Lifeline GPL-4DL AGM Battery

Height  8.64"    (220 mm)
Length  20.76"  (527 mm)
Width   8.7"     (221 mm)
Weight  124 Lbs (56 kg)

In the US there is a set of standardized battery dimensions.  The BCI group size chart gives you the full list.  Individual manufacturers dimensions may vary slightly.  For example the Lifeline batteries shown above are a bit off from the standard dimensions.  Its best to measure your available space carefully.   Note that Victron requires you to leave a 20 mm ventilation gap between batteries.

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