I have had quite a lot of questions about how to interface the MultiPlus to the CL 12-100 so I wrote this short article to explain how to do it.  These instructions are for the 12/3000 or any of the larger models,  they are not for the MultiPlus Compact.  If you have a MultiPlus Compact the setup is simpler and doesn't require any programming, scroll down to the end for a video showing it in action.


Connecting the BMS to the MultiPlus requires a pair of Victron Inverting Remote On-Off Cables.  One cable is used for the Charge Disconnect function and one for the Load Disconnect function.  Each cable has a single connection that goes to the relevant port of the BMS.  You can extend the length with some 16 awg wire if you need to.  The MultiPlus end of each cable has a pair of wires that go to the green terminal strip at the base of the MultiPlus.

You may have more than one connection to each terminal of the BMS so if necessary you can use a terminal strip to split the signal as shown below:

The terminal strip you are connecting to on the MultiPlus looks like this:

Which terminal pair you connect to is set up in the programming as described below.


The MultiPlus must be programmed for the TWO WIRE BMS ASSISTANT and you need to use the VE Configure program to do this.  How to do the programming is described in my three part Blog Post that starts with An Introduction to programming with VE Configure.  The "Assistants" are small programs that are designed for specific tasks like this. My Blog Post Part 3 - The Assistants describes them in more detail.

In the program you get to define which terminal you are going to connect the cables to and what the function is.

Depending on what model you have of MultiPlus you might have a different collection of inputs.  Also you may already be using some of the inputs for other purposes.  In the program you get to define the BMS inputs and their function, as shown above.  If you chose the default screen above and had the MultiPlus 12/3000 then you would wire it up as shown below:

MultiPlus Compact

The MultiPlus Compact is handled differently.  No programming is required, a different cable is used.  Here is a short video, I will follow along with the rest shortly:



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