Victron Energy announced recently that the Firmware for the IP22 Chargers has been updated to allow synchronized charging. Now you can take two 30 amp chargers and put them together to make a 60 amp charger. This give redundancy, the ability to fit in tight spaces, and a very low cost for a very sophisticated charger.   Its really quite a game changer.

Here is how it works:  These IP22 Smart Chargers have built-in Bluetooth.  Each time you connect via Bluetooth it will prompt you to update the Firmware if a new version is available.  So as long as you keep the Victron Connect app on your phone up to date this new feature will automatically be installed next time you connect.  Once you have the latest version of the app installed the Guide to VE Smart Networking tells you how to set up a wireless network.  You can network these together with any of the Victron Bluetooth equipped battery monitors so the battery voltage (and temperature if a sensor is fitted) is sent over the network.  Up to ten chargers can be synchronized to work together in a VE Smart network and the chargers will synchronize the charge algorithm between them.

The screenshot below shows the network with battery voltage and temp connected before adding the battery chargers

The IP 22 chargers are compact, inexpensive and super sophisticated.  They are fully programmable for battery type and parameters and the charge algorithm used can include Test, Bulk, Absorption, Recondition,Float, Storage and Ready depending on the battery type and settings selected.  The history log extends for forty cycles and there is even a night time setting with low power so the fan doesnt come on to keep you awake.

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